"Intense, implosive and paradoxical"

The Golden Script Competition

"A subtle character portrait, a thoughtful examination of place and time"

BlueCat Screenplay Competition

About the Film

The Story

Very late one evening middle-aged, middle class Rachel finds herself walking through a rough part of town, heading for a bus stop. The day's circumstances have brought her to this place but it's not somewhere she'd choose to be.

As Rachel sits at the bus stop she is joined by Liam. Liam is fresh from a recent  confrontation and he's spoiling for a fight. As they wait for the increasingly-late bus they are forced into a conversation that neither of them want to have. This brief conversation develops into something unexpectedly painful but profound.

The film explores the emotional journey two strangers take when they are forced to engage with each other. 

Bus Stop invites us into a conversation between two people with seemingly nothing in common, who ultimately find in each other the chance to be heard.

Cast & Crew

We have brought together a creative, experienced and dynamic team of professionals who are eager to make a powerful, eloquent and beautiful film.

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How you can support the film and be part of it

Thanks to our amazing supporters around the world we have successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter to finance the production of the film on a minimal budget. We have also received several additional donations since the crowdfund ended and we are still able to offer the crowdfund rewards. If you would like to support us then please email at vanessa.bailey@live.co.uk You can find out more about the rewards on offer on our Kickstarter at the link below.

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The script for Bus Stop has already started picking up some awards

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